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Cumberland Challenge Update

Nearly 3 months has passed since the Cumberland Challenge, and I have now managed to collect all the pledges and sponsorship.


The grand total is 6000! - YES 6000, that is 1000 more than my target.


That is such good news, and when Community Action Nepal reclaim Gift Aid courtesy of our friend Mr Darling that total will be 6780.79, enough to pay for 4 nurses for a whole year, and have money left over to buy drugs and other medical essentials - in other words: an awful lot of good in one of the poorest countries on earth.


It has been really touching seeing the generosity of friends, family, colleagues, customers, suppliers and even some people that I hardly know - and especially in hard times in this country!


I have attached a link to CAN's latest newsletter in which you will see the work that they do explained in more detail, please, if you can, have a look - you will get a flavour of just how practical a charity they are. 


Thanks once again!


Simon Long

(retired charity fundraiser, at least until 2012)

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